In 2020, cPanel, the most popular hosting control panel for Linux servers, announced a price increase to their clients which has caused a great deal of conversation in the industry. The majority of our customers, as well as employees, use cPanel, so this pricing change has certainly been the talk around the water cooler and with our Verve Art leadership. 

A quick explanation of the situation:  Currently, cPanel is licensed per server.  With the new pricing structure, cPanel will license per cPanel account and per server, which results in a significant price increase, not only for us but for our customers. 

cPanel’s announcement came as a shock to us, and this dramatic change has caught the entire hosting industry by surprise. While incremental price increases are expected from providers from time to time, this sudden and dramatic pricing increase has put businesses of all sizes in a difficult position.

The rates mentioned in the cPanel blog post are cost for providers like Verve Art and on average represent a 40% increase.  While the cPanel 2019 pricing varies by server type,  customers will expect to see a 25%-50% increase on average, and in cases where customers have >100 accounts, it could be a 100+% price increase. 

cPanel price changes for Verve Art customers due to this vendor rate increase will be effective on April 20, 2020

Our price increases are in line with the industry standards and primarily be attributed to rising costs in the following areas:

Price Increasing Factors

  • Hardware
  • Transportation
  • Labour
  • Power
  • Data Center
  • License


If you are interested in upgrading to a different type of service (consolidate into dedicated server plans), we'd be happy to assist you. 

Thank you for being such a loyal and great customer to Verve Art, it is our priority that you get that most satisfactory service available. We would continue to do our best in providing you with the best quality and service you could ever hope for. All you have to do is drop us an email at and let us know so we can renew your current package at the ORIGINAL PRICE.

Thank You.

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Thursday, April 16, 2020

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